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Madeleine R.  - lost 13 kilos in 4 months

Don't take my word for it - get the lowdown from my clients! In this regular feature, the focus is placed on one of my clients who has followed one of my programmes.. 

Image by Divya Agrawal

Madeleine's Story

“Around Christmas 2022 I took myself in hand and decided i needed to  lose weight.  I had been on healthy eating diets on and off over many years and had the feeling that if I didn’t start doing this with the new year arriving, that I probably would not bother again.

So it was most opportune that I was introduced to Leila and here was someone, who I really believed could help me on this journey.  I went to a couple of her talks and I became hooked on the idea of eating lots of different and healthy coloured fruits and vegetables and how to make up the typical meal plate.  Drinking at least 2 litres of water  was not a problem and neither was giving up alcohol.

Leila asked if I would have a blood test and  I was not surprised to learn that my sugar level was a bit high, but much more baffled by finding out that I had very high calcium in my blood.  I went to my GP , who recommended an endocrinologist and with her recommendation I cut out calcium based foods. Leila agreed with this too.  I started to have milk substitutes with no added sugar or added calcium and gave up cheese. 

Regular online chats with Leila helped me on my way and she was always most encouraging  and excited and enthusiastic about my weight loss, which spurred me on.

I had a variety of tests to find out why my calcium was so high, which resulted in my having a recent operation to remove an enlarged little parathyroid, the cause of the high calcium and also to remove part of my enlarged thyroid.  The calcium level dropped immediately and is back to normal. 

I have lost around 13 kgs in weight and am really happy with this.  I know now how to maintain my weight and am most wary of going overboard with unhealthy eating.  I realise that sometimes I can eat something different, which is probably more indulgent, but I am well equipped to get back on the straight and narrow. 

A major incentive to keep the weight off is that I have found clothes in my wardrobe that were too small for me to wear. Now I can wear them! I have also bought new items and it is great when you go to a shop and they say you must be this size, which is a couple less than you used to be!

Thank you so much, Leila, for setting me on the right path.  I wish you all the best in helping others to achieve their goals as you did for me.”

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