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Blood Tests

I always recommend that my clients have a blood test before commencing any programme and in some cases, may ask them to have a stool or saliva test. Our blood tells us so much about our bodies and provides vital information on the status of our health. The test results enable us to address any imbalances and/or deficiencies, as well as help identify any underlying medical conditions.

Scientist with Test Tubes

I work with various UK-based and international laboratories that offer a range of tests, from the yearly MOT to more comprehensive and specialised tests.  Many of them can  be easily done in the comfort of your own home (finger prick kits). For more complex tests, we may need to take a blood sample in which case you may eiher use one of the health clinics which are easily accessible and available across the country, or have a nurse from out network come to your home.

All my clients benefit from special discounts for all tests.


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