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Personalised nutrition & health coaching

Weight management: if you have struggled to lose weight in the past and more importantly maintain that loss, you will certainly understand that no viable "quick fix" solution exists. My programme is tailored not only to help you reach your weight loss goals and improve your energy levels, but also to address any health issues you may have. That is why all my programmes last a minimum of 12 weeks, so that we have enough time to focus on your overall wellbeing and provide you the support, encouragement and motivation you need.

Type 2 diabetes management: thanks to a tailored nutrition and lifestyle plan, it is really possible to reduce your blood sugar levels and in some cases, this will result in your no longer needing to take your T2D medication (under your GP's supervision and with his/her consent). This can be life-changing! 

Other programmes: whether you are suffering from a lack of energy, bloating, stress or want to get a good night's sleep, I can help. I support women from many regions of the world including stress management, hormone rebalancing, blood sugar management and perimenopause. 


All my programmes are based on a healthy eating plan (where no food is banned) that can be followed anywhere (at home, at work or when socialising) at any time, and are coupled with personalised coaching: acheiving your goals is not only about what we eat but also mindset and individual emotional factors.   By combining these two elements, the body and the mind, I have seen my clients achieve spectacular results.

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Delicious and healthy food plans

A slimmer & healthier you

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Personalised coaching

Improve your mindset to achieve your goals

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Lifestyle & exercise tips

Increased energy & reduced stress

Packages start at £350 for a 12-week programme.

Depending on your individual health goals and the level of support you need, I offer 3 levels of my flagship programme (silver, gold & platinum) all of which are based on an initial 12- week period. Each programme typically includes:


- Initial 60 min. consultation

- Personalised nutrition advice including supplement plan (optional)

- Regular follow-up and coaching sessions

Personal coaching to support new food choices and new habits

- Recipe ideas and hints on eating out

- Email support for short questions in between sessions

- Access to private Facebook group

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